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Laugh till you Cry! Explore real-life issues that plague society, an emotional roller coaster ride at affordable prices!


RevDc (Revolution Drama Crew) is a Christian theatre production company whose mission is to spread the gospel by producing works that address social issues and using comedy as a vehicle to show hope in trials, faith in impossible situations, and—most importantly—God's unconditional love.


RevDc strives to produce works that challenge our culture to adopt a positive view of everyday life. RevDc brings family values to light with godly messages that need to be told using a humorous approach.


With its roots at Worcester State University, RevDc began as “Revolution Drama Crew,” the theatre portion of a gospel concert series called Revolution. Revolution was created in 2002 as an outlet for students who simply wanted a creative and artistic way of sharing the gospel. Revolution quickly became popular among the youth populace, attracting students from surrounding colleges and anyone who simply liked poetry, music, spoken word, dance, and—of course—skits and short plays. As a free event, Revolution was a hit, and it became a free semiannual event. As a result of increased requests for longer plays, Revolution Drama Crew showcased full-length plays as a separate event, creating RevDc, which premiered full-length plays such as Sakwaya’s Crazy Family, Dysfunctional Families, The Unexpected Guest and Color-Blind, all of which comically addressed racial discrimination and racial stereotypes. Since then, RevDc has continued to use comedy to relay the gospel using topics that plague our society, such as alcoholism, domestic violence, abortion, discrimination, and pornography.


As uncomfortable as these topics may be, we recognize that our families and communities are hurting, and these topics need to be addressed. Thus, our prayer and hope with each play is to take our audience on a journey through complicated family dynamics and help them find hope through Jesus Christ.



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